Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 13th, 2017

Amazon just launched a Skype competitor! 👀
In its latest quest for world domination, Amazon just launched a video conferencing app that's built on top of AWS!

Amazon Chime is available on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS right out of the gate, and goes into a crowded space that includes Skype, Hangouts, and startups like Zoom (which raised $100M from Sequoia in January).

Amazon says they built Chime to solve the biggest recurring pain-point of their (AWS) enterprise customers: video conferencing. So, they made Chime drop-dead easy to use for calls, chats, group conferences, screen shares, and more.
Amazon Chime
Happy Valentine's Day! Choose Scenario A, B, or C:
• Scenario A: You have a date and are well prepared 🙂
• Scenario B: You're not prepared for Valentine's Day 🙄
• Scenario C: You just found out it's Valentine's Day 😎