Amazon Chime

Frustration-free video calls. Amazon's Skype competitor.

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Alexa: Is Amazon taking over the world
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@nivo0o0 Amazon is so nailing the frustrations of conference calls with distributed teams in meeting-centric corporate cultures with the video above...i take my life into my own hands everytime i have to punch in a conference call code on the road. Love the positioning.
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@aaronsuplizio @nivo0o0 Actually not really, I suspect they stole the idea from these guys: [see video] and that video is even more demonstrative of typical issues..
They are
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@benln I wonder what % of workforce in that total employment figure is fulfillment/blue collar vs highly-skilled labor/engineering. Latter is probably comparable to GOOG & MSFT. Still though, they are everywhere and AWS continues to fuel their investment.
Amazon just released their competitor to Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Zoom (which just raised a massive $100m from Sequoia), etc. Another example of how Amazon is branching into everything from software to hardware to original content to (maybe) trucking company. Sooo, when is Alexa getting a screen? πŸ€”
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@rrhoover Alexa needs a face
Feed the Machine Learning algorithm! MOAR DATA!
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@jimmydouglas Haha I waited until someone would see the actual purpose of this :D
The UX is just a mess. I cannot believe Amazon would do such a poor job. For now, I am sticking to Skype. Nice try Amazon.
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@hkhalidz Wait, you can't believe Amazon doesn't care about UX?
@hkhalidz Yeah! There are too many sub-windows and popups. The "Running late" feature is nifty though.
@austinstorm Believing a company cares about something is totally different from delivering a great user experience. The current UX for Chime feels as if it was designed by a machine not human. There's too many moving parts and the user journey is not straight forward. It too me a few minutes just to signup for the tool. Mind you, I am a technical person. How long do you think it would take a nontechnical person to use this? Now, does that mean Amazon is a bad company when it comes to UX, no not at all. In fact, Amazon has released some great products over the years. But this one is not one of them.
Still looking a lot "Entrepresy" to me though. Btw Amazon, don't build a webinar software. We got it. Thanks.