Happy Couple

Discover more about your partner via a daily quiz

Happy Couple is a quiz style app for couples where you can have fun and find out more about what your partner thinks or feels. Unlike matchmaking, Happy Couple is an app for couples wishing to strengthen their already-existing relationships through friendly gaming.

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Hello Product Hunt! We're super excited to be on PH today, just before Valentine’s Day! Happy Couple is the only app for couples that mixes gamification techniques and expert content to spark discussions that will deepen your relationship. Whether you are in a new relationship or together for 30 years, have no children or 10, are in a long distance relationship, from the LGBTQ community or straight, young or less young :), Happy Couple adapts its content to each couple. In just 3 minutes a day, you can find out everything you always wanted to know about your partner by playing our fun-filled newlywed style-quiz game. By guessing your partner's answers as well as answering for yourself, you will trigger surprising matches ... and mismatches! Earn points for correct guesses and continue on to unlock challenges as you progress to each new level. Daily personalized tips will guide you toward a stronger, sexier and more satisfying relationship. Play regularly, and you will find out that the game stimulates discussions on unexpected, important and even taboo topics. You can check here on medium.com how Happy Couple Hacks your relationship this Valentine’s Day https://medium.com/@julien_rober... To quickly find out what you know and don't know about your partner, try this FREE app, as well as its specialty packs of questions. AND, last but not least, dear Product Hunt members, we are offering you 10 extra questions if you sign up today, following this link http://bit.ly/ProductHuntHC Check us out at http://www.happycouple.co and stretch your relationship to fun, fulfilling and new limits! It’s the perfect app for Valentine’s Day… and the other 364 days of the year! 🙌 And thank you very much @riaface for hunting us! Here are some testimonials from early adopters "We've enjoyed it so much! It brings out a fun, competitive aspect of our relationship while helping us learn more about each other!" Kyle and Lauren "The quizzes themselves don't take more than five minutes a day but the debates about where the best place to sit in the theater is and stories about how we've each been caught in an Internet scam have been the real best part of the app." Alexis and Taylor
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@arnaudlm @julien_robert @riaface Would be awsome if there would be a german version. I could help with the translating ;)
@phippuuuu yes, we would love to spread good vides all over the world. The app is available so far in English and French but we aim to add many more languages included German in the next months. Thank for the help :)
Great app! It works perfectly well, and the content is very interesting! Good luck @arnaudlm!
This is such a great idea for an app, and it's really well designed, but holy moly it's incredibly buggy and slow on my iPhone 6. This could make it hard for one half of a partnership to convince the other half to use it regularly.
@benjamin_hilborn Thanks for the comment. Our cofounder did learn material design while working at Google as a UI/UX designer so she will appreciate your compliment! Sorry about the slowness, there are a lot of people playing today :)
Nicely released on Valentine's Day! Absolutely love new apps for couples. Most of the ones that exist in the market are either badly designed or too complicated! This is a great addition - will be getting (forcing) my boy friend to use this. :)
@j_ennychu Thank you!! If he needs to be forced the first day, he might be the one forcing you the following days :)
This is kind of like a multiple choice Newly Weds Game, but less free because you get prebaked multiple choice answers. From the app description I expected this to send a question to both you and your partner, you both respond, then you see each other's answer. Would be a good way to learn something new about your partner. e.g. What's your favorite food?, what are you listening to today? Not sure I'd want to use the multiple choice answer because I'd just be guessing "what is my partner most likely to pick?" vs. learning something new about them.
@andygcook yes, checking your assumptions about your Significant Other. Lean Startup for Relationships 💖 💖 💖