Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

Zoom is a powerful online meeting tool for large, distributed teams.

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Is this better than the one Dinesh was working on while at Pied Piper?
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@chrissel Love that middle out compression
@chrissel damnit someone got there before me
@chrissel Winning comment of the year.
This product is the only one that doesn't freaking crash. Skype sucks. Google Hangouts Sucks. It sucks so much that someone made a domain name called http://hangoutnow.com that simply points to the google hangout. A total fail in accessibility and ease of use. Zoom is freaking amazing. Distributed teams of 20+ and it has high fidelity connections and speed. I'd recommend this to anyone in the fast paced high cost manufacturing space where every second means $25-$100
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FYI: While it may have been valid 2 years ago, that hangoutsnow link sets off malware warnings for me in Chrome / Safari.
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I like appear.in. Design is freaking simple and it just works.
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@edwinshalim I've been using for far flung places like Africa etc, even driving down the highway with the mobile app and it's been amazing. I'm curious about zoom but appear.in would be hard to beat I think. (and the free version is plenty for me)
@jack_van_antwerp Well I've had the chances to use zoom. I can say that the software is reliable but oh man they need to work on their UI/UX. I'd say appear.in for more casual users or smaller teams, zoom for them business and corporate people.
@edwinshalim Yes it does sound like zoom is more enterprise focused. I haven't used it or needed it yet, been blown away by appear.in
@edwinshalim right? I don't know why more people don't use appear.in
@edwinshalim Completely agree. appear.in is FREE requires no downloads and just works every time. great for meetings or ad-hoc product demos
We have a distributed team, and we use zoom all day every day to stay connected and quickly jump into conversations when needed. It is really easy to connect on mobile and desktop.
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Been using Zoom in a past life, probably one of the best tools out there for 1:1s. Not sure for webinars though :p Strong bias obviously. We're a webinar software ourselves, and we believe in the full browser experience (shameless plug: https://livestorm.co), curious about Zoom position about WebRTC and the in-browsers webinars.
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