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Would you recommend Zoom to a friend?


Chris Sel
@chrissel · Product Manager
Is this better than the one Dinesh was working on while at Pied Piper?
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
This product is the only one that doesn't freaking crash. Skype sucks. Google Hangouts Sucks. It sucks so much that someone made a domain name called http://hangoutnow.com that simply points to the google hangout. A total fail in accessibility and ease of use. Zoom is freaking amazing. Distributed teams of 20+ and it has high fidelity connections and sp… See more
Edwin Halim
@edwinshalim · Tech and startup enthusiast
I like appear.in. Design is freaking simple and it just works.
Gilles Bertaux
@gillesbertaux · Co-founder/CEO @Livestormapp
Been using Zoom in a past life, probably one of the best tools out there for 1:1s. Not sure for webinars though :p Strong bias obviously. We're a webinar software ourselves, and we believe in the full browser experience (shameless plug: https://livestorm.co), curious about Zoom position about WebRTC and the in-browsers webinars.
Thomas Knoll
@thomasknoll · COO @ Reverly.co
We have a distributed team, and we use zoom all day every day to stay connected and quickly jump into conversations when needed. It is really easy to connect on mobile and desktop.