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February 13th, 2023


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Keep the flam(m)e alive

There are hundreds of platforms designed to help people hook up.

Dating apps have become so ubiquitous, today’s version of going 'Facebook official’ is universally recognized as the moment you both decide to delete them from your phone. (Awww.)

Which begs the question, why are there so few apps designed to help couples keep the spark alive after you’ve made a commitment?

In a relationship? Maker Ankit Nayal spotted a gap in the market for couples apps and founded Flamme: an app to help partners strengthen their bond.

“I realized the lack of value creation in my own long-term relationship,” says Nayal. “So many of the struggles my partner and I faced could have been avoided if we asked the right questions, or went on the right dates.”

The Barcelona-based startup launched the app in beta in San Francisco at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 — backed by funding from private investors and Bcombinator — but received a lot of feedback about the initial product being too complicated.

Today, Flamme is launching the new and improved version, which includes daily discovery questions, date ideas, articles from relationship experts, an AI-powered dating advice chatbot, a gamified relationship tracker, a shared bucket list, and more.

Give Flamme a try and let the team know what you think.

Single and ready to mingle? Blink Date’s got you covered. The new app minimizes time scrolling by setting up in-app phone dates with your most promising connections.

Refresh your relationship
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