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Are big tech’s massive lay-offs an indicator of a recession or the result of pandemic-fuelled overhiring? Yes, Amazon just laid off 18,000, but they also doubled the size of their workforce between 2019 and 2022, while Apple only fattened up their headcount by 20%, which may explain why they’ve managed to avoid job cuts so far.
Announcing the 2022 Golden Kitty Award Winners

It’s time to crown the 2022 Golden Kitty Award Winners!

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve helped narrow down the best products of last year. The community nominated products across 24 categories, and we all spent last week voting for our favorites.

The winners here will go down in history in our Hall of Fame, digitally etched alongside history-making products like Stripe and Figma. They’ll also get one of those stunning Golden Kitty Awards in the picture.

Without further ado, the Golden Kitty Award goes to…

🤖 AI Product of the Year: ChatGPT

🎨 Best Designed: Amie

💰Best Bootstrapped & Crowdfunded Product: ruttl

👋 Best Community & Social Product:

✍️ Best Creator Economy Product: Polywork

📈 Best Data & Analytics Product: June

🎨 Best Design Tool: Canva Visual Worksuite

💻 Best Developer Tool: Appwrite

🛍 Best eCommerce Product: Medusa

📚 Best Education Tool: Refocus

💸 Best Fintech Product: Causal

🏋️‍♂️ Best Health & Fitness Product: Endel

📢 Best Marketing & Sales Tool: RAADAR

📱Best Mobile App: Cron for iOS

⏪ Most Innovative Product: Rewind

🗣️Most Viral: Wordle

🛠️ Best No-Code Product: Make

🔐Best Privacy-Focused Tool: SpyBuster

🎥 Best Product Demo Video: Clay

👩‍💻Best Productivity Tool: Spark

🌴 Best Remote Work Product: Miro Teams Workspace

☁️ Best SaaS Product: LeadDelta

⛓Best Web3 Product: Collectible Avatars by Reddit

🧑‍💻Maker of the Year: Tibo

🧡Community Member of the Year: Sveta Bay

The big one? We can’t help it, we love the suspense.

🏆Product of the Year is…
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  • The Generative Press is “the world’s first newspaper” written entirely by AI, built by two 19-year-olds.
  • Piggy Magic creates Instagram-story-size multimedia content from text prompts.
  • Stork adds three virtual professional employees, including a marketer and a lawyer, to Slack or Teams.
  • Pulsetto is a wearable vagus nerve stimulation device designed to reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • first1K is a directory of product launch case studies and origin stories to help makers learn from those who’ve launched before them.
  • Superflow Rewrite improves website copy in context when you highlight text on any page.
  • DiscuroAI allows developers to deploy AI apps faster by building and testing multi-step workflows with GPT-3 and DALLE-2.