Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 9th, 2023


Yesterday, we opened nominations for the Golden Kitty awards, so go nominate your favorite products today!

Also in today’s Digest: The rise and rise of AI for photos, videos, and ads.

Are you team AI or team Authorship?

Thanks to the explosion of AI image generators, there are a ton of new ways to get your paws on creative assets for a product launch or marketing campaign.

Synthesys X is a chrome extension that creates variations of existing images using AI, but it’s been stirring up debate in the comments around what constitutes ‘Fair Use’ (i.e. should marketers have to get permission from the artists who created the original artwork?)

Truthfully, it was only a matter of time before we started using generative art for commercial purposes. And, as with all the most exciting emerging technologies, ethical considerations are controversial and crucial.

Advocates say that the art produced by AI is original and unique. It’s one of the key value props in marketing (imagine getting an image for free that no other company has — goodbye, stock photography). Opponents say this art is not actually original. You’ll find techies and artists on both sides of the argument.

Text-to-image AIs like AI Photo and Memorable Ad Maker can be used to create ad imagery from a few simple word-based prompts, so these feel like safer bets, but still use what they learn from art on the internet to produce new art.

Authorship advocates, makers, and creators are making moves towards self-regulating the proliferation of potentially copyright-infringing AI apps.

Tools like Originality and Detect GPT are capable of identifying GPT-3 and ChatGPT-generated text content, for example, but for right now, spotting rights-violating AI-generated imagery doesn’t seem to be quite as straightforward.

If recent history is any indicator, it’ll be a long while before regulators make a decision and catch up with innovators.

When it comes to arguing AI vs. Authorship, what is your position?

Weigh in on the debate
  • Journal App for MacOS is a minimalist note-taking app with a cleaner interface than Apple Notes.
  • re:tune promises to be the “missing frontend for ChatCPT” that you can use to train and monetize your own AI assistant.
  • People Analytics Hub by Kona transforms Slack into a tool to monitor, visualize, and improve team health and employee wellbeing.
  • Error Management by Highlight pairs error monitoring with session replay to help you understand when and how users are experiencing issues on your web app.
  • VCinsights is a place where you can read 1.5K+ investment memos from top VCs like a16z and Sequoia to better understand their theses and track investment trends.
  • ToolJet is an open-source low-code platform you can use to build internal tools.
  • FounderBeats is a website collating 100+ interviews with real-world entrepreneurs to tease out the tactics and methodologies they use to achieve real-world results.