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January 2nd, 2023

For all of those who were observing New Year's Day yesterday, welcome back! Since yesterday was part of your extended holiday, today is the real moment of truth. Are you going to keep those resolutions?
5 apps to help with your 2023 resolutions

The holidays are over and now it’s that time of the year. Everyone’s talking about resolutions, even at the risk of starting an unexpected debate on Twitter.

We’re happy to say that the chatter is positive here on Product Hunt. Resolutions shared by community members include launching side projects, reading more, and prioritizing mental health.

So here are a handful of products that can help, and we hope they inspire you to start the year with positivity (we might need it this year!)

24me is a productivity app that’s been around for a long time compared to newcomer calendar and task apps. Started back in 2013, the app gained success out the gate. The Apple Store included 24me in its editorial articles of the best productivity apps, and the app still boasts a strong rating in the App Store (4.5 stars). Yesterday, the 24me co-founders launched a new version. The biggest update is probably the Apple Watch app, which keeps you on top of tasks and lets you quickly complete them. In all, there are over 30 new features including a “procrastination fighter” that “keeps looking for the right slot on the calendar to remind you about past due tasks.”

Notion Resolutions Board comes from serial Notion-community maker, Easlo. The board includes 6 templates to help you with various resolutions, with options for habit tracking, expense tracking, meal planning, and more.

Visualize Habits is particularly helpful for people who fear being defeated by resolutions. A calculator helps you visualize the compounding effect of your tiny habits. I.e. Even if you don’t master the guitar, 4 hours of learning so far is pretty impressive!

Dry January offers a simple way to work on resetting your alcohol consumption by sending you one text per day to log your progress and celebrate with others. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution to lowering your alcohol intake, check out Sunnyside.

Track your progress
  • Zoomscape helps you create personalized, AI-generated backgrounds. New year, new background screen.
  • Beesy is a Chrome extension that lets you record Google Meet meetings for free.
  • ToWords lets you convert YouTube videos into blog posts.
  • who raised? helps sales and marketers with new leads. It’s a lead list of over 4,000 verified decision-maker contacts at startups who raised funding in H2 of 2022.
A Gumroad + Linktree alternative

Zaap was built to help creators struggling with multiple tools. It’s an all-in-one toolkit that lets you build a page for your links, collect email addresses, and sell products.