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Things move fast in tech, so it's been interesting reflecting on the year’s top launches compared to years past. In 2022, AI was embedded into our lives in a whole new way, makers developed unique ways of approaching productivity, and the picture of an ideal career shifted even further away from traditional.

The road to 2023 may be littered with caution signs, but the innovative responses to these trends give us optimism that rainbows and unicorns will breakthrough again.

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The most upvoted product launches of 2022, Volume V

Without further ado, here are the top five product launches of 2022.

5. Notion AI introduced its AI assistant, integrated into your Notion workspace, to be your partner in thought.

“This is a game changer for everyone doing their writing/content in Notion.”

4. Amie calls itself the “joyful productivity app” with features like task drag-and-drop into your schedule, booking links, and 1-click-to-join meetings.

“It's docked, both on macOS and iOS. That should tell you everything — it's that good, and my daily driver. No more calendar or to-do list apps, and no more calendly links.”

3. xTiles is a visual workspace, without things like complicated panels or sub-menus, to help organize ideas and support your big picture thinking.

“Just love the flexibility… you can sort and shift away from being in a line! Plus it has the bells and whistles such as short notes, web clipper, and mobile app!”

2. Bardeen automates your most common actions across your apps. You can turn on common one-click automations or make your own.

“This product is just a relief for me as a project manager, I can automate flows which took a lot of manual effort before.”

1. Polywork is a collaboration network designed to connect professionals and opportunities that fall outside traditional 9-5 work.

“The use case of Polywork is very vast but it makes collaboration easier than ever. I just add all my work - everything I do professionally on my Polywork timeline.”

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