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December 30th, 2021

The 5 most upvoted products of 2021

It’s HERE! The countdown is about to end. We’ve made it to the top 5 most upvoted products of the year! If you missed the products from the rest of the list, you can find them in this week’s Daily Digest newsletters here.

Let’s do this.

5. Lucky Carrot is an employee engagement platform that enables peer-to-peer recognition (with redeemable carrots) and promotes company values.

“Like your powerful insights on employee interactions…, predicting possible turnover. Great to bring visibility to employee relationships. Your "Interaction Graph" is supercool 🤩.” arakelyan

4. Typedream is a website builder with a Notion-like interface for making any website look good with minimal effort.

“Man, such a great match between how my brain structures and how websites render. Love it.” Daniel Shein

3. RobinWho comes from investing app Qooore, which wanted to release a product that (hilariously) weans you from making money on the stock market.

“Finally, a product that won't let me get to the moon with all my $DOGE. Having a job to attend and debts to pay, there's no time to get rich.” Jay June

2. Tango automatically creates step-by-step how-to guides as you complete your work, with screenshots, links, and descriptions.

“Awesome stuff! Superfast way to document processes — and even faster for the viewer since it focuses on the important highlights. Better than video for sharing step-by-step workflows!” Mark Lamb

1. Sprig (formerly UserLeap) is a product research platform that lets you run microsurveys within your product, record interviews, and test design concepts.

“Recruiting and creating authentic context are my two most significant pain points when doing user research; I'm thrilled to see a product that seems to address both 🎉” Josh T

Until next year!

Share your carrots

Before you get too deep into that champagne, take some time to reflect, honor, and celebrate all the big and small wins you’ve made throughout the past year!

"Jo and I find this to be an immensely valuable annual exercise," writes hunter Chris Messina, " can take stock of how much you've achieved and grown — and identify some of those thorny areas that still require work or perhaps uncover new opportunities of inquiry and excavation."

Reflect on your year
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Thanks again to all of you — the makers, early adopters, and product lovers in the community — for so many amazing highlights in what has been another wild year. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us in 2022. We’ve got plenty coming for you too.

Don’t forget to give a shoutout to a person or product who made your year!