Product Hunt Weekly Digest
January 29th, 2017

Who built the tech industry? 🤔
Immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants. More than half of all unicorn startups were founded by people born outside the United States. Their contributions should be celebrated and their impact on the economy and peoples’ lives cannot be understated.

Over the weekend we've seen powerful demonstrations all across the country as people congregate in cities, airports, and online with record-breaking donations. Many prominent people have even offered to match people's donations.

In true maker fashion, Alexandre just launched a new site that helps others double their contributions to the ACLU. Thank you to these generous folks. 🙌
Matching Donations 🙏
New Post! 9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer. Notable highlights include ReflyHemingway Editor, and Rough Draft. 📝⚡️
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