Hemingway Editor 3.0

Make your writing bold and clear, send to Medium/Wordpress

Hemingway Editor 3.0 is a tool which will make your writing one of a kind! It will not only check your grammar, but it will enrich your text, format it and make it ready to share with the world! You can upload directly to Medium and WordPress or you can make it to any web page by exporting to HTML.

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Hey Product Hunt! We're thrilled to announce the latest version of Hemingway! This year has been a great one for us — we’ve hit 4 million users including 200 thousand in the last month alone — and we’re so excited to make the app even better everyone. For Hemingway 3.0 we’ve rewritten the editor from the code up to increase performance and bring in pro-level features writers have asked for. Whether you want to edit without distractions or publish right to your favorite platforms, Hemingway 3.0 is the best way to make your writing bold and clear! Publish to Wordpress/Medium Over 26% of the web is powered by the popular blogging platforms Wordpress and Medium. With Hemingway’s new Publishing features, you can save a draft or publish to readers on both platforms, without leaving the app. Send Your Colleagues Highlighted PDFs You asked and we delivered. It’s now easy to export your writing as a PDF with Hemingway’s editing highlights included. Make Papa proud and dole out edits in no time flat. Distraction-free writing and editing Whether you’re writing drunk or editing sober, Hemingway makes it easy to focus on the task at hand. Lots of apps have distraction-free writing, but the new Hemingway is the first to have a distraction-free setting for our Edit mode as well. The new setting hides everything but your text and our highlights for wordy sentences, adverbs, complex words, and passive voice. Tons of other goodies The new Hemingway comes packed with other niceties, like the ability to have multiple documents open at once, importing text from HTML and Markdown documents, and fixes for many bugs — including the issue where text and highlights get split up or blurry. Get Hemingway 3.0 Now! You can buy Hemingway 3.0 right now at hemingwayapp.com/desktop.html for $19.99. You’ll join legions of writers who trust Hemingway to make their work bold and clear. And for those of you who already purchased Hemingway, check your email for a link to your free upgrade.
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@adam_b_long When will the email go out? I haven't received mine yet and I'm running 2.0. Thanks!
@hrbrt went out a few hours ago...may take a little bit to get out to everyone. Let me know if you don't see it within a few hours -- 38longllc@gmail.com
@adam_b_long Ah, okay. Happy 3.0 release!
@adam_b_long Just bought the version 3 for Mac. I am loving it! What would make this even better is if you had a way to change the background color while writing. I prefer writing on black background. Makes it easier for my eyes.
@adam_b_long I bought it right away. Awesome tool!
So excited! Was using the beta editor for Medium articles recently, and keeping the editors in sync got to be a bit of a pain. Was worth it to simplify my writing.
How does it compare with Grammarly?
By far the easiest, fastest and most useful tool for writing! Always run my medium posts through Hemingway. Thank you @adam_b_long for such a great gift.
Can you write in markdown? @adam_b_long
@stefanpretty You can import from, and export to, Markdown, but we have a toolbar (and keyboard shortcuts) for formatting. We support everything in our toolbar that Markdown does.
@adam_b_long feature request that as a type in markdown it converts to formatted! It's nice and quick to type in markdown I find :)
@stefanpretty Yeah, definitely on our list
@adam_b_long @stefanpretty What are the keyboard shortcuts? Do you have a list somewhere?
@stefanpretty @adam_b_long Wahhh...nobody is doing markdown -> medium yet? its 2017