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#1 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2016

Refly is a smart editor for content writers who are trying to scale their content globally. Refly helps you improve your language, SEO and track your writing goals. Also, you can publish or schedule your publish to multiple blogs in a single click. And the best part, it's free !! The latest version is out in the AppStore

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I wonder if/when AI-powered text editors will be banned in schools. πŸ€”
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@rrhoover Though the AI engine remains valuable. The world is stepping up for AI and we believe AI engine can help humans with more tedious jobs. Just like proofreading, creating logical content etc. When it comes to a ban for students in schools, the same can be used by authorities in evaluation.
@rrhoover Thats a real concern. We are watching that space close. Education is indeed one of our primary focus vertical. The AI we build for the consumer facing app has benefits for teachers and educators.
@rrhoover I similarly wonder if teachers will see the benefit in using them to elevate students' writing skills. Used properly, they can really help students to become better writers overall. I think of it as I do calculators: the tool can perform the basic function for the user, but it can also help the user in better understanding the method, thereby elevating the user's skillset for the next iteration of similar problem-solving. The main issue here with regard to text-editing and writing is that so much of it is based on creativity and style, two things which cannot be taught. They can be sharpened and honed, but because style is so unique to each individual, one of the major pitfalls I see here is that we could end up with a lot of similar material that basically produces a homogeneous experience for readers. πŸ€” πŸ€”
@adammarx13 @rrhoover Well said !! Creativity and style can be shaped up.
@rrhoover I hope not. Differentiation of instruction is difficult. Providing meaningful support to students on writing assignments continues to baffle some educators. I hope products like Refly, WriteWell, and Hemmingway App will be used to nail down improved communication. I always bark about pairing a classic with a contemporary in instruction. Reading and writing is a classic skill that could/should be paired with technology to assist students with learning disabilities, as well as those who want to explore new platforms.
Do you have plans for releasing the Windows version of Refly?? Good luck...:)
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@ramkumarhq We have plans for a web version soon. We have everyone in mind. Sorry to keep you waiting.
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@tony161293 @ramkumarhq yeees! The product looks awesome but I wish there was an Android version, too. Have you thought about a Chrome Extension?
@nomadapp_co @ramkumarhq We already have a chrome extension and WP plugin. But not fully functinal at this point. We're planning on rewamping it, and maybe release along with the web version. Won't be so far we believe !! Still Android might take more time.
@tony161293 @ramkumarhq looking forward! I would definitely use it on our blog.
@tony161293 I've been waiting a long time for something like this. Nice!! How do we sign up for when the chrome or windows version is released?
Refly is a smart editor, specially made with content creators in mind. Refly will help you reduce your writing time by 10-20%. This is done by reducing the time for proofreading (which is average 40% in writing). Refly can help you with linguistic errors, SEO and publishing at this point. Also, Refly will help you stay on track with your writing goals by the habit feature.
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@ambonium Made in India. We are a small town startup based in Palakkad, Kerala !!
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@ambonium Hope you liked the app !
@kwdinc Thanks for the Hunt. Hello PH Refly is a smart editor. Refly is made with a mission to make content creation easier for everyone. We designed Refly in such a way to make content creation just content creation. We intend to remove the other 80% work. Refly will help your reduce the proofreading time with extended grammar, spell and synonym support. Refly will help you with your SEO and publishing to Facebook, Medium and even a personal WordPress blog. We'll come up with solutions for research and topic suggestions. Thanks for the upvotes. Hope you'll love the app !! Open to comments or you can reach out to me on twitter(_tonytom) Thanks.
@tony161293 why the name refly? Any significance?
@ambonium Refly denotes giving your contents wings to fly. Fly off of your editor and beyond :-) We're living in an era where content is king and creating content is the most difficult part !! Refly makes things easier for content creators.
Looks neat, why I can't change the color theme ? I like dark text editors.
@merraysy We're not ready with the dark theme yet. We'll update it within a week at most. Sorry about that :)
@merraysy Thank you !! Hope you like the app.