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Don't buy an iPhone Xs. Win this instead 📱
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Don't buy an iPhone Xs. Win this instead 📱
The new iPhone Xs costs over $1,000. It doesn't even come with AirPods. 😿

We solved your problem. Enter to win a brand new iPhone Xs and AirPods, courtesy of our friends at Elevator, Men's Health, and more:

😮 Apple's most stunning OLED screen ever.
📷 A camera that can adjust the depth of field *after* a picture is taken
😅 Picture-perfect Memoji that work inside Facetime
💃 Dance anywhere with Apple's "best cordless product ever."

New phone, new headphones, new you. Boom. 💥
Think back to your high school's sex ed class. Try not to cringe. 😬

Apart from an awkward homeroom class in high school and the "birds and bees" talk with a parent, most of us receive little guidance on how things actually work. Besides, it's hard to ask questions touchy subjects when you're surrounded by your friends and family.

Earlier this week, Andrea Barrica and team launched Originals, a judgement-free online community to help anybody learn about about sex, dating, and pleasure.

Their goal is to sit between Planned Parenthood and Pornhub, to help people around the world unlearn shame, heal from sexual trauma, and explore desires.

"I’ve been nothing but impressed by the community. They have created a safe space to learn, ask questions and feel good about sex and pleasure." – Lucia Pavone

"Love the idea and how it's realised. Interesting and very high quality content, dives pretty deep into the topics. Sadly sex ed is largely ignored, and I'm glad to see you guys doing something to change that." – Ivan Vasilev

They're not alone in building products to help men and women solve uncomfortable problems:
  • Beautifully-branded Unbound helps everybody discover the best sex toys.
  • Nurx helps women get birth control prescriptions without a doctor's visit.
  • Roman and Hims help men with erectile dysfunction, with prescription medication delivered discretely in the mail.
  • Aunt Flow sells tampons and pads to businesses so they can be provided it for their team, free of charge (we have them at the Product Hunt office). 🙏
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Weekly Digest
Every Monday
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