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#4 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2018

O.school Originals are medically accurate videos and articles that offer a judgment-free zone on sex and pleasure. Our mission is to help billions of people unlearn shame, heal from sexual trauma, develop skill sets to communicate what they want and don’t want, discover new sexual desires, and most of all - own their own desires.

  • Pros: 

    Please based sex ed, diverse group of educatoes, free


    Needs more streaming slots, only

    livesreams right now.

    I’ve been nothing but impressed by the O.school community. They have created a safe space to learn, ask questions and feel good about sex and pleasure .

    I am an instructor on O.school and I love tuning into livestreams as well. There is so much valuable information that has been shared. It is truly a revolutionary website!

    Oh, and did you see that giant clitoris!

    Lucia Pavone has used this product for one year.
  • Maya Peers Nitzberg
    Maya Peers NitzbergHealth Educator at HIFY

    High-quality content and design! Amazing website, amazing mission, amazing team. Love the o.riginal videos, so engaging!



    I'm so grateful to O.school for making available this abundance of important sex information that everyone deserves access too!

    Maya Peers Nitzberg has used this product for one year.
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Andrea Barrica
Andrea BarricaMaker@abarrica1 · Founder / CEO O.school
Hi Product Hunt! We're so excited to share our O.school Originals with you. There's a real lack of resources and brands between Planned Parenthood and Pornhub, and we wanted to create the sexual health information that we all should have had. We're sharing these videos, with custom animations and gifs, to the world at https://o.school/media - so please feel free to share with parents, teachers, professors, sex educators, and anyone who wants to learn more about their bodies. We would love to hear your feedback!
Federico Jorge
Federico JorgePro@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
@abarrica1 I love the project and they way its written. But where are the GIFs?? You should build a separate library of GIFs so people can easily share.
Andrea Barrica
Andrea BarricaMaker@abarrica1 · Founder / CEO O.school
@federicojorge They are on the article pages and downloadable on the /media page - but you are right. Thank you for the feedback! We are working to get them on Giphy, too, to make them easy to share! We need more gifs and ways of talking about pleasure!
Federico Jorge
Federico JorgePro@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
@abarrica1 yes, yes, yes. GIFs are fun and it could be a cheeky way to spread the voice and educate. Good luck with the project!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@abarrica1 can you launch an iOS keyboard with those GIFs?
Kelly Ireland
Kelly IrelandMaker@kellyireland · VP Product, O.school
I love working for a mission-driven company during these times! I would love to hear from you if you think O.school Originals will help move sexual wellness conversations forward for ourselves and the next generation.
@kellyireland I don't think it will, first because it's partly inaccurate (the article about the orgasm gap is a good example of that). Oh, and if the goal is to help teenagers to learn about their body, safe sex and all, I think your overly inclusive language is not going to help. "People with vulvas" is dehumanizing, I don't think many people would feel specifically included.
David Pham
David Pham@david_pham2 · CTO / CPO of Mogul
@kellyireland Me too! The fact that Swann is able to say they disagree with the accuracy of the orgasm gap article is proof that O.School is already moving sexual wellness conversations forward - we wouldn’t have had that beginning of a conversation without it. And I’m confident there will be many more. Regarding the inclusive language, as we’ve learned at Mogul, it’s just the right thing to do and I love that you all combined it with sexual wellness, since the lack of it has left out a lot of people from being able to participate in such fundamental conversations. Great work team!
Andreas Duess
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@kellyireland @soueuls I actually thought that the expression "people with vulvas" was a really simple way to be as inclusive as possible. Bravo. Rather than being dehumanizing, I thought it included all humans with vulvas, however they choose to refer to themselves in any other way.
@kellyireland @david_pham2 I disagree with the premises of it, anyone studying historical human promiscuity will know that males orgasm (ejaculate) quicker, simply because we have evolved from multi-male/multi-female societies, in this context, quick ejaculation is the rational thing to do if you want to be able to impregnate females, reproduce and make your genes propagate. http://theconversation.com/why-d... it's a well known thing, it's corroborated by our testicules's outside position and size too. So while I don't deny the orgasm gap, I just find the explanations inaccurate at best.
@kellyireland @andreasduess Yes, it's typical from your group defending inclusiveness at all cost, you refuse to see that some people (some women in this context) feel completely excluded. I am sure of it because if you have followed the recent Ireland abortion law which used "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women", some women who invested hundreds of hours into this fight felt completely excluded from the debate because of this exact specific wording. So no, it's not a "simple way to be as inclusive as possible", it's a way to dehumanize the fact that only women are able to reproduce, and it's basically the case for the whole animal kingdom minus a few exceptions something even a 5 years old is able to understand.
Ivan Vasilev
Ivan Vasilev@chelobaka · Serial entrepreneur, full-stack dev
Love the idea and how it's realised. Interesting and very high quality content, dives pretty deep into the topics. Sadly sex ed is largely ignored, and I'm glad to see you guys doing something to change that with such a great project.
Andrea Barrica
Andrea BarricaMaker@abarrica1 · Founder / CEO O.school
@chelobaka Thanks a bunch, Ivan. We did try to explore the topics in detail! So much to learn about the clitoris :D
Jake Gibson
Jake Gibson@iamjakestream
Congrats on the launch! The world is in desperate need of a resource like this. Proud to be a supporter 😄
Andrea Barrica
Andrea BarricaMaker@abarrica1 · Founder / CEO O.school
@iamjakestream Proud to have you as a supporter, Jake. Everyone should have access to good information about sex.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Congrats Andrea and team! What was the most surprising thing you learned while putting this together, or most surprising thing people will learn from it?
Andrea Barrica
Andrea BarricaMaker@abarrica1 · Founder / CEO O.school
@eriktorenberg someone saw our O.riginal video about the Clitoris and told us they were taught the clitoris is the "devil's doorbell"... people are often shocked at how much there is to learn and unlearn about sex throughout our whole lives and how little the average person knows about sex. Learning about sex & pleasure is different than learning other skills like coding or world history, because people can be ashamed of things they don't know and resistant to learning, and because so much of our perspectives about sex are influenced by movies or porn. It's sometimes more about unlearning inaccurate information or assumptions that don't lead to healthy attitudes about sex than just gaining new information.