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September 20th, 2018

Apple’s next big thing ships today 📦
It's that time of the year. 🎄

Swarms of Apple fans around the world are "working from home," waiting for UPS to deliver their brand new iPhone Xs or Xs Max. At the same time, thousands are waiting outside their local Apple stores to get their hands on the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Fun fact: the first official sale of the iPhone Xs went to Mazen Kourouche and Teddy Lee (above) in Australia about 16 hours ago. 👏👆

For the rest of us anxiously checking, there's a better way. The Shopify team launched a powerful app to track all of your packages. Arrive automatically syncs with your email, pulling tracking numbers from any online order. You'll get helpful notifications every time your package moves on planes, trains, and automobiles until it's delivered.

Shopify's Robleh Jama and team even did a deep dive into the history of airmail and international shipping. Watch the video. 📦

Shopify isn't the only team improving shipping worldwide. The USPS now offers Informed Delivery, which emails you pictures of your physical mail before you actually receive it. Downside: you'll remember that you have credit card bills. Upside: it makes you seem psychic. 🔮
Track your Packages

Amazon launched a microwave with Alexa inside, because why not. 🤷‍♂️♨️♨️

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