USPS Informed Delivery

Get an image of your mail before it arrives

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Eric Wilson
Product Lead & Co-founder,
What I really want is to be able to delete physical mail before it arrives. Maybe 1/10 pieces of mail is legit. For now, I'm trying to reduce unwanted mail through PaperKarma ( EDIT: Damn. They are closing PaperKarma in April. Any good alternatives to reducing unwanted physical mail spam?
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Sebastien Barrau
Co-founder, htmlsig and passpass
@ecwilson I signed up too fast thinking i could stop junk mail before it made it to me :-/
@ecwilson i've been using to slowly kill junk snail mail.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Very similar to Outbox, a startup that digitized your mail before USPS essentially killed it. πŸ€”
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Israel VicarsCo-founder,
@rrhoover USPS turned against Outbox when they threatened junk mail. This would give junk mail senders extra ad impressions via email. Email and mail spam combined!
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Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB
Maybe before this feature, they can figure out how to track packages based on their own tracking numbers.
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Justin BauerSoftware Engineer & Email Dude, WedPics
@wuss this this and 100x this!
Jeff Needles
Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
Just read about this on TC (h/t @fitztepper) Pretty cool example of taking something they already had the setup for and making it more valuable... I've definitely wanted to know whether or not it's worthwhile to check my mailbox before, this will certainly help! cc: @rrhoover who never checks his mail, maybe this was made for him?
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Peyton Hayslette
Product, Fitness Tech
Can't wait to get emails of my junk mail! But really this is great.
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