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August 29th, 2018

Forward this to a student šŸŽ’
Subject: Back to school? You'll thank me later
To: Your now back-in-school son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc.
From: You and Product Hunt


Hi {{Student's Name}}!

I know you're headed back to school and dreading the idea of taking notes after a summer of playing Fortnite and other Gen Z things.

The Product Hunt community has a list of the 75 Must-Have Apps for Students to make your first day back juuuuust a little bit easier.

My favorite? {{Pick one of the following 5}}

āŒØļø Grammarly fixes all of your typos in your most import papers for professors and emails to recruiter. Game-changer.

šŸŽˆ Helium floats a small browser (for Netflix) above your other windows, so you can watch shows on mute while taking notes in class.

šŸ˜ Evernote is the best note-taker and organizer out there. Public/private notebooks, to-do lists, tables, web clippings, attachments ā€“ it's everything you need to crush that frustratingly boring required class.

šŸ“ Paperspade lets you type your math homework. Your professor and the environment will thank you.

šŸš€ Rocket adds Slack-style emojis to every program on computer. This isn't necessarily the most productive app, but it's one of my favorites.

Enjoy classes. They'll be over in less than a year.

-{{Your Name}} {{Your Favorite Emoji}}


All of the young people are headed back to class.

Help your favorite son, daugher, or friend crush their classes and impress their friends with the 75 Must-Have Apps for Students.

Trust us, they'll thank you later.
Best Apps for Students

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