Product Hunt Weekly Digest
June 5th, 2022

Introducing: Product Hubs and Launch Pages

What happens when hundreds of thousands of products are launched or hunted over the span of eight years on Product Hunt? Well, for one thing, a standout community of ideators and makers is born.

Also, discovering new products gets a little hard to navigate.

We’ve watched products go from MVPs, hackathon submissions, and side projects to businesses, unicorns, and bootstrapped success stories since Product Hunt launched in 2013. We all love following along, but have had a hard time doing so.

“Just look at Framer — the team has dropped over thirty launches in less than a decade! ...We knew we needed to make some changes…“ shared Product Hunt CEO, Ashley Higgins.

So we did, and last week we got to be a little bit meta as we launched Product Hubs on Product Hunt.

We rolled up all the information that’s needed to learn about a product’s journey, from launches to reviews, into one hub. Now you can follow products and receive updates whenever your favorite launches something new. This feature was created for product stans and makers who build in public.

“Product Hunt shouldn’t just be where you launch your product, but where you can build a community,” shared Product Hunt PM, Michael Silber.

Product Hubs are a big change to how the platform is structured. “We had to restart it several times before reaching these results” noted Head of Design Julie Chabin, and “Migrating a lot of data related to the post to the product without breaking the models and bringing the site down was a significant challenge,” shared Engineering Lead Vlad Vladimirov.

We’re just getting started though and Product Hunt makers would love to get your feedback.

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  • A team of scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign turned their research into a biotech company and today they introduced Amofit, a wearable for sleep and reducing anxiety.
  • Remote workers in search of connection and accountability, enter the Flow Club Lounge.
  • Still having trouble with WFH? Butt Mover will get you standing and Commit Club lets you stake ETH to keep you accountable.
  • Splitwise for crypto? Frens.Money lets you request and settle crypto payments in the app.
  • Sonos debuted its own voice assistant for customers who are concerned with privacy and being recorded.
The making of Product Hubs
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