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July 18th, 2018

Make OS X Great Again 🍎✨
When was the last time you opened iTunes on purpose?

It's been years for us too. It's ok. Just don't tell Jony (🍎's Chief Design Officer).

Apple's OS X has fallen behind, with some annoying flaws (like software update notifications) and missing, much-needed features.

Fortunately, this app is here to Make OS X Great Again by fixing everything that make Apple computers annoying:

πŸ› οΈ Auto-blocking software update notifications
🎡 Stop iTunes from opening when you plug in your iPhone
πŸ–₯️ "Minimize all windows" shortcuts for when you get overwhelmed
πŸ“ A folder that stores all of your screenshots

Give it a shot. But seriously, don't tell Jony. 😳

This isn't the only Must-Have Mac App:

πŸ“Έ Screenie: drag screenshots right from your menu bar.
πŸ“‘ Magnet: a window manager for Mac, with keyboard shortcuts.
β˜• Caffeine: keep your Mac from falling asleep.
πŸš€ Rocket: Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac.
πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ Focus: block distracting websites everywhere.
⌨️ Cheatsheet: discover all of the best keyboard shortcuts.

Check out the full list of Must-Have Mac Apps. 🍎
Must-Have Mac apps 🍎
Happy Thursday! Time to wrap up the most productive week of your life with this productivity-killing distractions:

πŸ‘ΎΒ The Internet Arcade (900+ classic arcade games, no quarters required)
🐍 Snake on a Chrome: The classic game, now in your browser
πŸ–₯Β Giphy Tab: Ridiculous GIFs in every new Chrome tab
😎 Netflix Super Browse: Let's you pick Netflix's secret genres
😑 Annoisli: Listen to screaming babies and sirens at work

We apologize in advance for all the time that will be lost. For more, check out the Anti-Productivity collection on Product Hunt. 😜
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