View Mac keyboard shortcuts in the current application

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhooverΒ Β· Founder, Product Hunt
Super useful, especially for those transitioning from Windows to the Mac (πŸ‘‹ @corleyh). http://www.mediaatelier.com/Chea...
Cole Townsend
@twnsndcoΒ Β· Designer at Robin.
I'm a bigger fan of http://www.hotkey-eve.com. This tosses a growl notification when you perform an action that has a shortcut.
@phillpaffordΒ Β· miner
This is on my 'Must Install' apps list for OSX
Owen Williams
@owΒ Β· Digital Director at VanMoof
This is really cool and I dig it, but why does it need to take up the entire screen? Can't the white box resize depending on how many shortcuts are being shown?
ThΓ©o Blochet
@theoblochetΒ Β· Product Manager @Fueled
Did install it, but it is something I used so occasionally that I was more annoyed with the window accidentally popping up than I benefited from the shortcuts. Great concept, though, and indeed very useful for new mac users.