Make OS X Great Again

Fix the things that make 🍎 OS X annoying

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Make improvements for OS X so you can work better.

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The idea is cool, to fix annoying OSX quirks. But you need more features to justify the price. For example here is a free Github page with many, many settings to make OSX more productive:


- Well presented, good marketing material and landing page


- Way to expensive for what it does. Would expect many options and settings for this price

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👋 Hi PH, 💬 The Story I kept annoying by OS X things like: - Repeatedly asking if you want to update - Opening iTunes when you connect your iPhone - Putting screenshots on your desktop - Saving screenshots as 4mb PNG instead of JPG - I can’t minimize all my 26 opened windows in one click - My desktop always mess of files and I can’t just hide them 🛠 Solution I made this Mac app that will fix all this just in one click 🎬 Here is a video demo:
This app is a part of my Hard Core Year - I 😱 quit my job and I have 1 year to get to 📈 profit as Indie Maker. You can Read my story. Let me know your feedback and other feature keeps annoying you in OS X! 🙏 🍎✨ Let’s Make OS X Great Again!
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@andreyazimov I can tell that you need to make a profit, cause $10 for something you can tweak yourself, without the app, in about 5-10 minutes.. jeez. It's a nice idea, dont get me wrong. And it does simplify it. But... $10?
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@andreyazimov @mathias_arlund "If he sells this to people whose hourly rate is $50, and hypothetically it would take each an hour to write, then he just created an economic surplus of $40 for each of those people, while he only took $10 for each sale. If he sells enough the income could allow him to create even more useful things for other people. There is nothing wrong with selling something you created."
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@levelsio you assume there that it's time free to buy the product, install it, figure out how it works, and then put the settings you want. It's sometimes longer than copy pasting a command from Stackoverflow to override the settings.
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@levelsio @emmanuelhadoux yup a developer would probably just copy+paste a command from stack overflow. But a person without a computer science background will probably find this app much easier to use.
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@mathias_arlund lets be honest you sound jealous.
These are very basic tweaks people can easily do themselves. Don't quite think $9.99 is close to being justifiable.
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@blakefolgado because people can do it themselves, doesn't mean they want to. People are willing to pay $10 for the convenience of having it done for them.
@blakefolgado @christiantmi Which leads to the next question... Why do you even use a computer, since it's far more convenient having someone using it for you? There's a fine line you shouldn't cross, you know...
@blakefolgado so much back and forth about that it is “NOT justified the $9.99” so why don’t we turn this around and ask “how much are you will to pay for this?” I mean think about it, that’s like 2 coffees. I gladly pay more then that if it indeed saves time!
@blakefolgado @laurens_laudowicz I don't get your point Laurens, but here's mine: people load up Product Hunt because of its promise: "Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day." If you stupid up the place with stuff that looks like a joke, well... You get the idea. So, considering that an app like this helps more the developer learning how to program, than the user being productive or anything, it should really be open sourced on Github. At least the author might get some meaningful contributions to make the app significantly better. Seriously, seeing this app running on anybody's mac would make me question whether that person is sane or not, because you actually have to go through the whole process of trying and buying something that definitely complicates your life. And paying 10 bucks for the privilege of wasting time and then complications. Perhaps you may consider a privacy scarf as your next purchase thus limiting social consequences in public. So if I were to take you seriously, and the product too, the next question would be: how much would you pay for a Pet Petter And finally: why nobody hunted down the Pet Petter here on PH already? I mean... isn't that convenient?
@blakefolgado @laurens_laudowicz BTW, I read now that my suspects were not so far-fetched after all: The actual goal of the author is apparently to keep himself financially afloat. Sure enough, I do really wish the author all the best, but I also think his process to be a little bit flawed and not so virtuous too. You should get wealthy as a result of your product's correct positioning and stuff, not as a result of your resolution to get money out of anything, or you dangerously deviate towards a dirty territory. But I digress...
Finally! I can't stand these MacOS update notifications not a single day longer!
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@robinraszka hahahahaha ok agreed on that one!