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January 27th, 2022

Golden Kitty Awards 2021 Winners

The 7th annual Golden Kitty Awards are over. We kicked off this year's celebration when you submitted over 13,800 nominations to tell us what products were your favorites from 2021. You're clearly bullish on web3. It was the category with the most nominations at 11,497, followed by Productivity and Mobile Apps.

From the list of semi-finalists, you chose the products you wanted to see win an iconic Golden Kitty Award. Tens of thousands of votes later, we made it to the ceremony.

We had a blast yesterday — we’re still talking about the winners, magician, and Sahil Bloom’s outfit. You can watch what you missed or relive the highlights here. You’ll find a list of all finalists there too, so make sure to browse through all of the products your peers love.

Thank you to everyone who attended — you made it a truly special event. Without further ado, here the winners are…

🗣 Audio & Voice Tool of the Year: Podcastle

📱 Mobile App of the Year: Obsidian for Mobile

🙅‍♀️ No Code Tool of the Year: Flutterflow

👩‍💻 Productivity Tool of the Year: Cron

⛱ Work from Anywhere Tool of the Year: Sessions

🙀 WTF?! Product of the Year: The Table™️

🤖 AI & Machine Learning Product of the Year: Uizard

💸 Fintech Product of the Year: Carta Launch

🛠 Hardware Product of the Year: Opal C1

🔐 Privacy Tool of the Year: Drata

🥕 SaaS Product of the Year: Lucky Carrot

⛓ Web3 Product of the Year: ConstitutionDAO

👥 Community & Social Tool of the Year: Canva Video Suite

👪 Children & Family Product of the Year: Brickit

✍️ Creator Tool of the Year: Contra

💻 Developer Tool of the Year: DhiWise

🛍 eCommerce Tool of the Year: Mode Magic 2.0

📚 Education Product of the Year: Odyssey

🏋️‍♂️ Health & Fitness Product of the Year: Loóna

🎥Product Video Demo of the Year: tl;dv
Watch all finalist videos here.

👀 Side Project of the Year: Workspaces Newsletter

⚤ Diversity & Inclusion Product of the Year:

🌳 Social Impact Product of the Year: Crewdle

🎨 Design Tool of the Year: Clover

🌟 Maker of the Year: Savio Martin

🙋‍♂️ Best Community Member: KP

🏆 Product of the Year: Softr 2.0

Finally, thank you to our sponsor, Flatfile — make sure to check out the onboarding platform for importing customer data in as little as 60 seconds.

Let’s take 2022 to the moon!

All the winners

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