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May 20th, 2021

"This is my last attempt"
to toasty inboxes
It gets cold out there in your inbox.

Yesterday a team of indie makers launched Warmbox, an inbox warming tool to prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder. According to Warmbox, that’s where 51% of emails go every day.

Warmbox works by automatically sending emails from your inbox and interacting with them, as engaged leads would do, in order to generate perfect inbox activity to increase your email deliverability. There is plenty of competition in inbox warming and email deliverability. According to maker Arthur Peter, this is how Warmbox's plug&play SaaS is different:

“Warmbox warm-up is based on a +10,000 private inbox network, from different email service providers, from +100 countries, aged from 2 weeks to few years and using different sending IPs, with a mix of different ESPs…”

Peter goes on to explain that many competitors use a peer-to-peer warmup model which may create some risks with privacy and hurt deliverability due to interaction with spammers.

Of course, a warm inbox is just the beginning. We took a look down the sales cycle and surfaced 9 more new tools to help you close.

Cold Email Templates - 150 “battle-tested” templates for marketing and sales

Cooby Insights for WhatsApp - Analytical report for insights on your WhatsApp chat threads

WhatsApp Actions for Hubspot - Send WhatsApp messages from Hubspot workflows

Walnut 1.0 - Tailor your demos for different use cases; track and gather insights

Navattic - An alternative to Walnut for building, sending, and tracking shareable demos

Cohere Voice - Engage prospects with live video on your site

Shoutout - Tap into your social proof with a “wall of love”

Crikle - Record notes, use checklists, and sync all your findings to your CRM

The Remote Sales Team Playbook - no explanation needed
Coach or be coached with two of today's top trending products:

LEADx - Platform to scale your group, cohort, or 1-on-1 coaching
Upcoach - Bite-sized leadership content
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