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April 28th, 2021

If Etsy and TikTok had a baby, by ex-Airbnb makers
find something rare
Ever purchased art and then visited friends to find the exact same thing on their wall? It’s a lot different from that feeling when you snag a keepsake from a marketplace on your travels.

Rare Things debuted its e-Commerce store which combines what we love most about TikTok and Instagram shopping, without the ads. The store introduces you to clothing and home goods through short-form video of artisans in their studios doing their thing. Audio-lovers: they have interviews clips, too.

Rare Things comes from a team of ex-Airbnb makers. One noted:

“A creative renaissance is underway, but shopping on the internet is stuck in 2005… The contemporary creative class does not have the storytelling tools to properly convey the deep craft that goes into their work...”

Shoppers have a big appetite for artisanal and small-batch products these days, for good reasons. It’s a great way to support independent designers and makers. Plus you can find high-quality, brag-worthy items that are truly unique, recreating that feeling of travel shopping sorely missed. As one commenter puts it:

“Looking forward to being able to purchase a hand-made bag straight from a crafts(wo)man from a remote village in Italy, or ceramics straight from an independent maker in Taiwan, and feeling like I've met them in person. :)”

Now’s a great time to get out of that Ikea funk. More unique shopping:

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👜 Italic - Unbranded goods from manufacturers of luxury brands

🕶️ Coco and Breezy - The sunglasses Beyonce loves, too

✂️ Mademyself - A ready-to-sew kit for fully DIY t-shirts

🪴 Nano Garden - A sleek smart garden for your tabletop

♻️ Lomi Composter - Countertop waste-to-compost appliance

🧴 Vacation - Poolside’s new “best-smelling sunscreen”
Ooo. Get that swag lined up. Sticker Mule has redesigned the label dispenser.

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