Unbranded luxury goods straight from the same manufacturers as Celine, Cartier, and more. No logos, no markups. Small, limited runs.
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Cutting out the brand completely, obviously this has a huge affect on over all price, how much of a price drop are people typically seeing when they use Italic?
I rarely upvote, but this one is a great idea!!! Please don't give up and finish it. Make it huge! I never bough Nikes or RayBans in my life for example, because I hate any logos on products. Few thoughts: 1. Don't ever cheat by finding "approximate" factory. Once it comes out, it might mean the end. At least I feel that way. For now you have my trust πŸ˜‰ 2. Don't charge fees / year... At least not yet. You need few offerings, like Amazon Prime - then "membership" might be worth it. For now just make 10% on each purchase or something. 3. Do the referral program for $10 stackable coupons for each friend who validates phone number and credit card, but up to 50% discount per item maximum. It might mean losing all margins on each product - but you need more orders to make good deals with factories. Good luck.
πŸ‘ @jjeremycai and team. Super curious what price differences you anticipate for various products on Italic.
Huge concept. Big fan of the 'Call our CEO' link in the footer. Fantastic effort overall, I'm really excited about this.
Quoting @profgalloway: "The death of brands is here."
@profgalloway @chrismessina is it? Had a lightbulb moment seeing how heavily *branded* my shipment from Brandless was recently.