Create, collect and trade rare crypto art and collectibles

SuperRare makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art. Our smart contract platform allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork tracked on the blockchain, making the art rare, verified and collectible.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

The ERC721 movement is big, but I'm not interested in buying stylized art from a single corporation only. SuperRare gives any artist a platform to create rare digital tokenized art on the blockchain which is easily trade-able afterwards. Most importantly, the artists continue to get paid royalties upon future transactions.


Super easy to create rare digital tokenized art


Needs more dope artists to signup

Reminds me of what I hoped NeonMob would someday become!
@chrismessina awesome, I had heard about NeonMob but never tried it. Checking it out!
Just bought my first piece. It's been a while since I've felt a rush like that. It was a surprisingly simple process. Congrats guys!
Looks great guys!
@jt_ffffff Thanks JT!

Digital collectibles are one of the most exciting new developments thanks to blockchain technology. I love what this team has done to help drive this from an artist-first perspective. Lot of potential for this as well.


Strong development team; money goes to the artists, who can profit into the future; certificates of authenticity


More art will be helpful to show off power of platform; further development of secondary market