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April 21st, 2021

Best indie product of 2021?
From Lurker to Maker
Every month we announce the three new determined makers who’ve been awarded a $5,000 Maker Grant for their launches from the previous month, and acknowledge the awesome products they’ve built with grit and innovation. Congrats to...

🧘 1Feed from Ethan

You can scroll with less stress thanks to 1Feed. Ethan first built it to solve his own consumption problems. 1Feed will keep you up to date, yet serve as your quiet place with one spot for your Google news feed, Twitter timeline, etc.

“Best indie product of 2021 by far!” - Ferminrp
“I love the idea of taking the dopamine out of a feed. Great mission!” - Justin

💌 Rollups from Danielle Johnson and James Ivings

Rollups is the second product from this bootstrapping team as part of their overall mission to help people take back control of their emails. Rollups bundles all of your mailing lists into one weekly digest email. It follows Leave Me Alone, an email unsubscription service.

“You really upped your game” - Francesco Di Lorenzo
“Love the Rollups. It keeps getting better and better...” - Fajar Siddiq

💡 Product Lessons from Linda Zhang

Product Lessons are actionable lessons to accelerate your career. Linda was inspired to create this library of resources after finding there was an overabundance of theory on building products, but a scarcity on how to apply those ideas.

“That's one hell of a collection, and I love it :D” - Rashika Ahuja
“It really helps you develop the intuition and mindset of developing great products” - Hiba Ganta

In the launch of Product Lessons, Linda noted she was a long-time lurker, first-time launcher. She shared with us how she approaches the mindset of being a maker.
Figma’s Config, the annual design conference, kicked off digitally yesterday and with it came the launch of FigJam, an online whiteboard for teams to collaborate and brainstorm.

There's some debate going on about what this means for Miro (which launched remote meetings and live embed not too long ago).

Weigh in.
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