Miro’s Live Embed APIs enable any partner to bring a fully editable Miro board into their core user experience. Share knowledge, collaborate live, visually think with your team, from anywhere.
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Anyone who knows me well will quickly reflect on my deep love for whiteboards. I love the open blank space, and the flexibility to draw and redraw, to frame and reframe. It’s trite, but I’m a sincere believer in the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. My office walls have always been covered in whiteboards, but when we all were suddenly reoriented to a “work from home” world, I had instant withdrawal. For a few weeks, I frantically tried many solutions, and I finally found Miro. I instantly fell in love. Now my iPad and Apple pencil are always “at the ready” on my desk for whenever inspiration strikes. You can read more about how I use Miro for framing problems here: Eigenquestions: The Art of Framing Problems. But as the founder of Coda, I had one big complaint: our teams tend to live in Coda -- it’s where we ideate, plan, track, etc everything we do. But until now, Miro didn’t fit well into that world. Today I’m delighted to share the launch of Miro’s Live Embed. Live Embed enables anyone to use Miro’s API to seamlessly integrate a live collaborative whiteboard experience directly into their product or service, in just a matter of hours. And of course, Coda is one of the launch partners (among many others). So now teams can build on their brainstorms by embedding their boards in their meetings notes in Coda, or sketch out product ideas and associate them with the relevant Coda tasks. Miro Live Embeds give our customers a powerful visual collaboration complement to the work they create in Coda.
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Thanks for the hunt, @shishirmehrotra ! We’re excited to bring the whiteboard to Coda and other essential workplace software so free-form, visual thinking and real-time collaboration can be part of your experience in all of your favorite tools.  Now more than ever, we’re seeing teams rely on products that bring connection, collaboration, and organization to a virtual work space. With the loss of a physical office for many of us, one centerpiece of group meetings, planning sessions, doodles, and brainstorms we no longer have is the whiteboard. So, our team wondered: what if we took the Miro version of a whiteboard, and brought it to the tools where people are already seeking to work and collaborate better online? With that, came the idea of Live Embed: a quick, low-code way of using our API to marry the project management, task tracking, note-taking and more that you’re already doing in your team’s favorite products with the visual, collaborative aspects of the whiteboard.   Try out Miro + Coda/MS Teams/Confluence/ Airtable/Trello/Jira Software/Whereby/RemoteHQ/Procore and let us know how you like Live Embed! Happy whiteboarding,  Terrence
Miro is 🔥
Miro is a great product. Well done! Can't wait to try it :)
We at RemoteHQ are big fans of Miro and are excited about this launch, enabling us to embed Miro into our platform!