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December 13th, 2020

Google vs 2020
Not Gmail

As an interesting start to Monday morning, Google services briefly paused (i.e., stopped working, causing mass Twitter pandemonium). Although services are slowly coming back online, it’s a stark reminder of how much people, large organizations, and industries depend on their services.

If you’re looking to diversify your applications or curious about other tooling options out there, check out these alternatives:

Alternative to Google Docs: Archbee 2.0
This product is an all-in-one documentation tool that can host team wikis, developer guides, API documentation, document collaboration, and more. Try it out for free.

Alternative to Google Slides: Pitch
Used by more than 25K teams, Pitch is a presentation software that allows teams to collaborate in real-time. Users can try their Starter pack for free.

Alternative to Google Sheets: JotForm Tables
Designed as an online database tool, JotForm allows teams to easily manage their data while syncing online forms into no-code workspaces. JotForm is currently offering savings for users to upgrade.

Alternative to Gmail: Hey
An offshoot of Basecamp, the Hey team is looking to reinvent how we interact with our inboxes by automating and categorizing emails for better readability. Start a trial and get your own @hey account.

Alternative to YouTube: is a music video discovery platform that describes itself as Reddit meets MTV.

Alternative to Google Maps: Wanderlog
Users can build, organize, and map their itineraries even while offline.


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