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Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 9th, 2018

Happy Mother's Day! 😻
Just kidding. Mother's Day is on Sunday. ✨

If this email surprised, then you probably need some gift recommendations. We got you:

🌷 Bouqet Bar lets you mix & match candy, flowers & candles in custom gift boxes. Backed by Mark Cuban via Shark Tank.

🎎 Mahinarium Selfie Dolls are dolls that look exactly like you. Empty Nest Syndrome won't know what hit it. If dolls aren't your mom's thing, you can also get a custom lollipop in her likeness.

πŸ’Œ Miniature Mail sends the cutest, teeny-tiny letters, or you can try Felt: they handwrite your words and deliver them on a beautiful card.

🎁 Token AI is an uber-powerful gifting service powered by Machine Learning. "This product makes me a gift-giving rockstar."

🚲 Postmates Gift Cards exist for late-night guilty pleasure. Yummm.

Did we miss your favorite Mother's Day gift? Let us know, so your mom has the best possible Sunday. She deserves it. 😽
Best Mother's Day Gifts 🎁

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