Miniature Mail

Little letters printed on demand and sent in tiny envelopes.

Miniature Mail is an online service offering high-quality greetings on a miniature scale. Our website features a live preview designer to help craft the perfect message, including a charming selection of envelope styles. Pick a shipping date and we'll send out your letter on schedule.

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Greetings hunters, My name is Justin and I created Miniature Mail in my spare time. I'm a software developer at my day job, so I've been able to use that to my advantage while building the service; I created a live preview/designer widget for our website, and a back-end tool for generating print-ready files based on order data. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm greatly looking forward to improving the quality of our products as well as expanding our product line. Why miniature, you may ask? Something about miniatures captures my imagination and makes me feel warm all over. In a world where so much is out of our control and bigger than we are, it feels good to hold something so small and non-threatening; I want to share that joy with other people. Thanks for reading! If I could ask one favor, please give me your honest feedback about the idea and the website. I'll forgive you if you don't love it, I just want to know how I can make it better. :)
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Nifty. So it ships in the clear plastic mailer shown in the photo?
@jpow Yep, they're too small to send without an enclosure but too cool to send inside a normal, boring envelope!
a thing of beauty
Haha creative!
Congrats on the launch, great idea! I just placed my first order, would like to suggest an edit option at check out and a more clear differentiation between whats a to: and from: address label.
I agree with @madebycamilo. Wasn't immediately clear that I had to select to ship to a different address in order to mail to the intended recipient. Perhaps make that the default selection? Or remove the ability to ship to billing address altogether? Doubt many will be send the letter to themselves. Really cool idea, though! Looking forward to my wife's reaction when she receives her tiny letter! Thanks!
@cbejarano_ai You're right, we desperately need integration with the editor during checkout flow. And you're also right about the need for a more streamlined and clear address entry process. Thanks for the order and feedback!
@madebycamilo @raleighing Thanks for the order! You're right about the address confusion, I will work on getting this corrected.
@miniaturemail, Yup. just placed the order and I was confused about the address label too. It took the shipping address as billing address by default and I received fraud alert from chase to approve/deny the transaction as the billing address doesnt match. Great idea btw, I loved it! I tried adding a heart emoji (❤️) but I dont think it is supported yet?. It would be a great to send emojis in miniature mail.
@shra1 Awesome, thank you for the feedback. I will work on the addressing issue as soon as possible. And you're totally right, emojis should be supported!