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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2016
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Sending a handwritten card feels so labor intensive but receiving one is awesome so I love that Felt is making it easier to send them. I think the new iPhone app is great. Handwriting on your phone takes some getting used to, but the app let's you zoom-in and then the it moves the card as you write (like a typewriter). It's pretty easy to get the hang ofl. (Disclosure: FG Angels invested in Felt late last year. We had watched them since 2013 and are excited to help them bring back the handwritten card.)
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@bfeld Thanks for hunting us, Brad. We couldn't be more excited about the launch and our partnership. #GreatInvestorsGiveMoreThan$$$
After the Holidays we all have so many people to thank. For all the presents, parties, stuffing and yuletide cheer. But when was the last time you sent a real thank you note, in the actual mail? That’s why we’re kicking off 2016 by launching our new app and what we’re calling Thank You Season. To celebrate, we’re letting everyone in the world write and mail a free handwritten thank you note. Yep. That’s a lot of thank you’s! With the new Felt app for iPhone, we’ve completely re-imagined old-school mail for the mobile world. There’s never been an easier, more fun way to send a quick handwritten thank you note. For the last three years we’ve been perfecting the handwriting experience, so you can write and mail a beautiful handwritten card using just your finger–all from your iPhone. We hope you’ll give it a try and really put it to the test. We are on a mission to help people be the truly thoughtful, human people that they really are. So, for the whole month of January we’re inviting you and all the other awesome humans on the planet to send a handwritten Thank You card, anywhere in the world. This one is on us. Just download Felt, craft your card, hand-address your envelope and we'll take care of the rest. Sealed, stamped and mailed--All from your iPhone. Behind Felt is the belief that being thoughtful, and connecting, makes us happier. And more at peace. We're pumped to be here today, sharing what we've been working on for the past year. Thank you for supporting us and helping us spread the love. Every bit of love helps. Happy Thank You Season.
@tomerlikehomer Great idea. The hand-written card will never go obsolete. Question: Are they mailed from your office location or do you have printers/writers all over the country so that the letter is postmarked by a post office near the sender? I have atrocious handwriting - do you have people to write these for those like me?
@ryannegri @tomerlikehomer Hi Ryan - That's a fun idea. I think there are apps out there that allow you to type and crowd source the actual handwriting. With Felt, it's actual you writing. The app lets you zoom-in on the paper making writing easier. Plus you can type your message in the app and then trace the letters, if that helps.
I'm so excited for Felt! I'm leaving for an international trip this week and my mom doesn't use email, social media, or even texting to get updates on my trip. I'm excited to send her a card a day with a custom photo, it's like an old fashioned instagram feed for her! I love this.
@designsellout That might be the best thing I've ever heard. Sharing with the team now. #Meaningful #ThanksForSharing
@tomerlikehomer @designsellout Thank YOU! I really thought we'd have to go 10 days without her hearing about my adventures.
@designsellout Not no more :) And we mail from within the U.S. So she wont' have it postmarked from abroad, but she'll receive it quick.
@tomerlikehomer Absolutely perfect.
Kool its just remind me of movie "her"
@color2life -- my thoughts exactly. @tomerlikehomer -- do you plan to provide a service that also chooses what to write based on the subject? (like in the movie). I know a lot of lazy people who would love that... :)
I always admired people who had time to send handwritten notes on thoughtful cards. Making it easy to create this level of a personal connection is well worth $3/card.
@owenbossola Heck yes it is :) And.... it's only $2.20 when you buy Felt Credits (available in the app). Breakdown: Square envelopes are $0.70 of postage so it's only $1.50 for the card, envelope and our helpful team who will mail it for you. Dang!