GDPR Email Copy

Email templates to use under GDPR

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GDPR Email Copy makes it easier for you to stay compliant.

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These email swipes are full of grammatical and spelling errors...
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@iota Please email the feedback to the address on the site, i am sure to be 100% grammatical is not what matters, based on your past comments on PH it all is about grammar... i honestly care to offer the legal framework and guideline then i do expect people to improve from there... so i cannot see any issue here... BUT i am happy that you will correct each email and send them over and i will update them if applicable...
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@jesper_n_qvist What is the point of offering pre-written email templates if they are written so poorly that it would be unprofessional for anyone to use them as-is? And the fact that you searched through my comment history looking for some kind of defense for your low quality site is just creepy.
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@iota Well when people are aggressive and don't appreciate other people works I spend one minute, click last 2 reviews from you and same story, 0 upvotes non existing on social seems like a fake account... but lets start a culture to complain instead of saying thanks. The whole point is here to explain what type of email to use under GDPR, i think you forgot the essence under GDPR there is almost one part of Europe using english which is the UK/Ireland the rest uses local language and i do urge to write in german to german customers, so grammar is less important.
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@jesper_n_qvist The templates you're providing are not GDPR compliant at all, by offering this 'advice' you are encouraging companies to break the law. No one should thank you for providing incorrect legal advice.
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What would be the reason to continue processing personal data via the "Cold Email Follow Up" if the user hadn't responded to the first? You certainly don't have explicit consent and I can't see it being legitimate interest, either.
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Good content in desperate need of some proofreading...
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Not sure if I understood the approach... at all. What makes it GDPR complaint? That first paragraph?
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The multiple opt-in confirmation emails seem to wildly miss the point. If one opt-in email has been sent and the recipient hasn't responded, that's them saying "no, you can't send me any more emails".
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