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June 29th, 2020
Last week, AWS entered the competitive world of no-code app builders with its launch of Amazon Honeycode.

Using tables to input data and a drag and drop style interface to set layout, AWS VP Larry Augustin claims that anyone can build apps in Honeycode for both web and mobile.

Currently in beta, Honeycode is free to use for teams of up to 20 users and 2,500 rows per work load.

The launch is a surprise to some given Amazons historical focus on more traditional developer tooling. Although perhaps it shouldn’t have as more big co’s are investing in no-code solutions.

Earlier this year we wrote about Google’s acquisition of the no-code builder, AppSheet, for an undisclosed sum marking Google’s continued investment into the no-code/low-code space. What on the surface looks like a competitive move by AWS against existing no-code platforms like Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Intermal or Retool.

But ultimately Honeycode is competing with the spreadsheet, the leader of no-code tools.
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