Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 9th, 2018

Stripe’s new tool for startups 💰🙌
Stripe Atlas Taxes
Sadly, starting a company isn’t as simple as launching a product on Product Hunt. It can be quite complex:

☑️ lengthy paperwork
☑️ boring bank visits
☑️ legal mumbo jumbo

Stripe hates this stuff, too. So they built Atlas, a tool that handles everything involved in establishing an internet business (which received over 3,200 upvotes from the community).

Today, Stripe is announcing a major addition to Atlas: launching a set of tools that make business taxes easier for startups. Check it out here.

Use their handy new dashboard to submit your franchise tax filing in a few clicks (for free) and connect with a curated list of accountants to finalize your return (with up to a 50% discount). We recommend you spend the savings on this, or buy everyone on your team this affordable mini standing desk

P.S. the recently launched Stripe Atlas Guides was also one of the most upvoted products of the year.
Introducing Spearhead: An accelerator for angel investors, and a $35M fund to back them. AngelList and Accomplice just launched a new program for founders who wants to get started with angel investing. Apply here. 💰
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