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Generate your Asian multi-city trips in a few clicks ✈️

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2018

AI-powered system that generates and optimises multi-city trips in a few clicks, in a few seconds.

✅ We excluded connection flights / Only direct flights

✅ We excluded remote airports / Only city airports

✅ We excluded early morning flights / Only convenient schedule

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Hi there, Let me introduce our new updates: 30 new Asian cities were released in beta as starting points of your new adventures. Today we have 665 cities around the world! We are launching new destination themes like India, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam. For example: from now you can book multi-city trips around Philippines islands.

Eightydays.me is a really innovative and convenient tool for planning a trip! It's a very nice way to buy cheap flight tickets and at the same time to book accommodation. Everything you need before your trip in one app.


App with cheap direct flights and convenient schedule


Is a new app, still needs to let people know about them

Asia? This is awesome and help me plan my next trip 😻

Tried that application fo finding routs


Helpful tool for those who is discovering the World



Dream about have enough time to go to Asia one day.


Very easy to use. Very low flight prices. Easy to plan a travel.


Not much customizations options