Outsite for Retreats

Team retreats and offsites as a service

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When I started Outsite 18 months ago, I knew there was a need for more creative live/work spaces for remote workers like me. I quickly realized that companies and startups teams were also eager to get away from the city and get some work done but there was no real solution other than expensive hotels or unreliable vacation rentals. I want to thank startups like Snowshoe, Cloudpeeps and Buffer for the amazing feedback during/after their stay. Since then, we hosted teams from Linkedin, Google and Zynga. Now we make it turnkey for teams and companies to host work getaways as often as they desire. PH Exclusive: We are giving away a 15% discount on any team retreat booked today and 10% discount on any individual stay!!
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@manuthan I remember a story (book/article?) about how a small ebay team was able to re-launch a new homepage ONLY because they went to some island to work on it (so all existing 'homepage managers' couldn't stop the project because it was stepping on their turf). Anybody know what I'm referring to? It would be a good example to pitch your service.
@yvoschaap Let me research this!
Awesome idea. Curious if Outsite can help broker sponsored trips from big brands. For example, Silicon Valley Bank spends a ton of money building relationships with their clients, even smaller stages startups, that they want to grow with. There are other companies like them with a budget to spend.
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@rrhoover That's a good idea!! We have had companies sponsored some of our events but never a trip.
So excited to post Outsite for Retreats on PH. I first met the founder Emmanuel on a trip to their Tahoe lodge for a weekend of snowboarding. It's been incredible being a member ever since and staying at many of their locations from Tahoe to Santa Cruz to San Diego. The team retreats adds an extra function that I'll definitely use for my startup teams. Can't wait to be dreaming big again at an Outsite location.
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Pumped for this! Several Buffer folks have taken advantage of Outsite before, and I think moving to an even more thoughtful experience with retreats will be huge. Personally, I've observed the need more and more for companies small and large to do an offsite somewhere that truly lets them connect with nature and isn't your traditional hotel setup!
@leowid Thanks Leo! Keep doing those awesome retreats with Buffer!
This is amazing, I'm a big fan of traveling and working from remote and this is perfect for my team when we go to retreats, are you guys opening up any locations on the east coast?
@adamkchew Nothing planned yet for East Coast but may be in some island nearby...