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July 27th, 2016

Actually useful bots on Faceboook 🤖💕
Facebook Messenger Bots 🤖
2016 is the year of the bots. They're everywhere. But how do you know which ones are worth trying, and which ones are just riding the wave? Here are a few useful ones for Facebook Messenger:

🎥 And Chill gives you amazing Netflix movie recommendations
🔑 Kukie Bot suggests startup resources you should read
👥 Chatible lets you chat anonymously with strangers
📮 Courier Chatbot makes printing postcards as easy as texting
✈️ Kayak Bot for Slack (and Messenger) is a personal travel agent

Find more bot friends on the Facebook Messenger topic and check out if you’d like to build your own.
In his LIVE Chat, Twitter & Square CEO Jack Dorsey talked about how he's able to manage two public companies, saying it all starts from his morning routine. A Business Insider reporter recently tested it out for a week, and was surprised by the difference it made in her day. Try it. 😊
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