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Ying LI
Ying LI@ying_lena_li · Product Manager @ 12Twenty
The idea is cool, but their distribution is horrible...so far I only successfully got Project 1 and Project 2...Every time, I have to email the founder to ask why I couldn't receive the next one. It has become a headache rather than a solution.
Brandon Blattner
Brandon Blattner@startupbrandon · UX Designer, Blue Ivy Tech
@ying_lena_li I've been in the same boat. I would advise not to waste $$ on this. What a mess!
Ray Curran
Ray Curran@bettrthanamango
@ying_lena_li @startupbrandon Did either of you see any improvement? Would love to do something like this, but don't want to waste cash.
Ying LI
Ying LI@ying_lena_li · Product Manager @ 12Twenty
@bettrthanamango @startupbrandon I asked for a refund, as there is too much hassle to handle. There are actually other Sketch projects online (if you google Sketch, or Sketch + Swift, many resources will come up). It's better to watch the demo/trial a bit and see the course outline to see if this is sth you're looking for before paying for it:).
Dakota Hipp
Dakota Hipp@dakotahipp
@ying_lena_li same problem, and no update on the timeline of the release of the other projects. I am going to ask for a refund within the week. At least no one else is being asked to buy this until they get the platform issue sorted out. I liked the structure and content of the first two projects though, started to get some shortcuts down and got a little faster.
Sabri Helal
Sabri Helal@sabrisjourney · Freelance Web Developer
This looks very interesting! Does it take into consideration the use of Zeplin tool into the process as well?
Seth Lesky
Seth Lesky@sethlesky · Web dev, founder, climber, nomad
@sabrisjourney would you recommend Zeplin?
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan@sahilk · Design & Product @ Sminq
@sethlesky @sabrisjourney I totally would. Life's been easier for my devs and me ever since.
Seth Lesky
Seth Lesky@sethlesky · Web dev, founder, climber, nomad
This looks excellent. As someone transitioning from Photoshop to Sketch I'll probably sign up.
This is really cool for a novice trying to gain a new skill! Excellent stuff
Anirudh B Balotiaa
Anirudh B Balotiaa@anirudhbb · UX Designer
30 projects in 30 days? 🙄 One project a day seems stretched!