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Hi ProductHunters! Many teams are using Trello to track and manage their projects. One of the shortcomings in Trello is that it doesn't have any analytics for those who like to track their metrics. That's the gap we're filling with the Screenful dashboard. We have a native desktop clients and a radiator mode so that you can easily rotate screens on a big monitor at the office. If you are a Trello Business Class user, you can have the charts embedded right within the Trello UI! We’re happy to answer any of your questions :)
@samilinnanvuo This is super useful for tons of teams. The enemy for feasible metrics though could be Trello's super-flexiblity - I've built a tool to get some of these metrics from Trello, and it wasn't easy at all due to the many different ways of how Trello is used, plus the fact that people keep moving things back and forth on the Trello lists, sometimes erroneously. I noticed that you have a 21 day free trial, which I will use to try this for sure. Would be nice to have a free version though, with limited features. I say this because on a scrum team, with weekly sprints, 21 days (3weeks) could be not enough to see the good potential of the product, Keep up the good work!
Ant public dashboard so we can feel it ?
@_pascalandy yes we have a demo available on our site, see http://screenful.com/online-demo
@samilinnanvuo OK cool, but I need to see the coralation with the trello board. Is it public too ?
@_pascalandy no, unfortunately the Trello board behind the demo is not public.
@samilinnanvuo @_pascalandy Would be great to see underlying trello board
@dshan @_pascalandy If you want to understand how your Trello board should be structured, then this blog post provides some insight for that http://screenful.com/blog/workin...
Looks good. Another option is https://getcorrello.com I like the ability to create custom stats in Corrello to report on cards with specific labels e.g. 'bug' or 'feature'.
We definitely missed that dashboard in Slack! Thank you!