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Hey everyone! We’re back with the most exciting update of Panda. We’ve been improving it every day and today we’re happy to show you what new features we’ve built. We decided to launch it as beta since it’s still early days and many features you can enjoy until we deliver a whole new experience for reading the news. So far we’ve added - Brand new layout where you can easily view the content without leaving Panda. - Search within Panda featured feeds. (Includes the content of the article) - Customize your new tab. You can choose amongst 8 options including Photo, To Do List, Notepad and clock. (Only available for Chrome Extension) - Distraction free reading on Reader Layout just like Safari Reader View experience. - Integrations including Pocket (Unread, Archive, Favorites), Twitter (Home, Likes), Instagram (Home), Dribbble (Following, Likes) And we launched a PRO subscription which early adopters will have 40% OFF until we come out of our beta. Here is what you can expect when we come out of beta - More integrations (Instapaper, Buffer, GitHub and more) - More layouts - More launchers (We’ll hear from you) - Complete redesign making it as simple as possible Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Panda Team ( For chrome extension users please refer to the article on how to update your extension https://medium.com/@usepanda/upd... )
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@ahmetsulek @usepanda amazing UI now, much sleeker! Does it take longer to load the feeds for everyone at the moment?
@john_tans @usepanda thanks for the kind words! yeah we're having an extra load due to launch and new features, but will sort them out in the upcoming days. already resizing the servers :)
@ahmetsulek @usepanda Awesome! Can't wait to use it daily. This is potentially a Feedly killer if speed permits!
@ahmetsulek @usepanda awesome dude - looking good
@john_tans @ahmetsulek @usepanda Would love to hear from other Feedly users to see if it's an option worth trying. Constantly looking for a Feedly alternative.
We're back! I think you guys will enjoy this update. You may even taste the blood, sweat and tears that went into this. And a big thank you to those that gave invaluable feedback.
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Best chrome extension ever. Thanks for great update. 👍👏
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@umitakcn will have to agree there :D
Panda nailed it once again!
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@rssems Sweet. How far are you sitting away from Zucks - maybe tell him to give it a spin? :D
Amazing job, so much detail and done with such grace, kudos Ahmet :)
@keryilmaz thanks dude!