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November 27th, 2017

2 years in stealth, Facebook & Venmo execs launch Fin πŸš€
Check Out Fin πŸš€
Today we have special guests: Venmo founder Andrew Kortina and Facebook's former Product VP Sam Lessin are launching Fin,Β and are here to tell us about the future of intelligent assistant systems.


It seems like in the last few years everyone has been working on some sort of assistant service. Siri can be great for cooking timers and placing phone calls, but we are a far cry from having the assistant we have been promised by movies like Her, Blade Runner, and Iron Man.

For the last few years, Andrew and I have been working on a different approach, combining machine learning and human operations to deliver a full human-equivalent assistant service. That is Fin's premise.

The product can make purchases on your behalf, book reservations, manage calendars, and take care of natural and sophisticated research and organization tasks for you. It learns your preferences, just like a human assistant would – from your choice of airline seats, to more personal things like the type of restaurants and hotels you prefer.

We've learned a ton in the past year, and wanted to share some of the key lessons that have given us more confidence than ever that in the near future, most work will be performed by human + software hybrid systems.

P.S. As a special offer to the Product Hunt community, we're waiving the monthly minimum so you can try Fin to get more done today.
WeWork's acquisition spree continues! The $20 billion co-working innovator acquired Meetup, which has 35 million members and has hosted 350,000 "IRL" community meetups to date.

Meetup's redesigned app for iOS and Android is great. πŸ‘Œ

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