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#4 Product of the DayNovember 27, 2017

Re is a Recommendation Engine which uses advanced machine learning techniques to curate a tailor made list of things that users might like. Currently, Re recommend movies. However, service can be extended to a range of products such as clothing, electronics, TV shows and likes. Re is completely free as a service and open to collaboration.

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Nice idea. But library is small. An integration with would be a great plus.
@charlesbonneau Integration sounds good. I will look into it. Thanks! :D
@rrhoover @yomeshgupta @charlesbonneau Thanks guys! Yomesh, I’m happy to help you get started integrating Trakt. Our API documentation makes it very simple. Great job on Re!
@rrhoover @charlesbonneau @jimmydouglas Thanks! :D I will checkout the API asap. Let's do it!
Can you add a down arrow on the landing page. I had no idea what I should be doing when it loaded. After reading about the product it looks interesting. Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Nice idea! I will do so and thank you so much. :D
There are SO many services like this already. How is yours different?
@idahole_dot_com I am sure there might be many services out there already like this. However, in many domains, similar services coexist. My aim here was not to commercialize but to create a underlying agnostic recommendation engine which can work on variety of things. It is built ground up without using libraries like Scikit or likes. I would say Re is different in terms of a more ease-of-use approach, dead straight UX and underlying machine learning algorithm. Try it out! More people use it, better would be the results! :D
Why did you create the backend with Node, instead of writing the whole thing with Python?
@nderkach Node/JavaScript is my go to language. I find it comparatively easy to write and maintain code in Node. Especially when it comes to APIs. I did shift the ML heavy lifting to Python. However, all Re's usecases Node was more than sufficient. Hence, Node.