All the places that let you pay with Bitcoin

#3 Product of the DayNovember 27, 2017

Accepting is a growing list of retaillers and service providers that let you pay with Bitcoin.

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Not a lot of places curated just yet, but a cool idea nonetheless. Couple questions: 1) How will the site make money? 2) Why only Bitcoin?
@john_asbury 1) Ads of some kind for now, featured listing perhaps in the future. 2) Just time constraints right now, other currencies to follow.
@john_asbury @mubashariqbal Any plans to add Litecoin or Dash?
@john_asbury @freshtodhef Yea absolutely, just trying to get the most popular coin covered first πŸ˜€
Thanks for the hunt @erictwillis After making my leaderboard for crypto currencies 500coins ( I started thinking about more than just owning Bitcoin, and actually spending it without having to turn it into FIAT money first. I wrote more about it here: It's been slow going adding places, trying to verify that places actually take Bitcoin is hard sometimes, as the payment option is not always published in many places, often hidden deep in the checkout process. I'm starting with Bitcoin, since it is the most popular crypto currency, has it broken $10K yet?!? Will be adding others soon though. Please feel free to submit any places you know that accept Bitcoin on the site, and I'll be sure to publish them!
Bookmarked for when we officially launch - we're going to be accepting Bitcoin for our social scheduler
@mubashariqbal We should have our billing platform ready next week (currently our users aren't being charged anything) so we should be good to go with Bitcoin transactions by then!
I've just submitted my website :) How long does it usually take for a site to be reviewed/accepted?
@frizurd Got lots of submissions today :) Let me know your site, here or DM me on Twitter and I'll get it reviewed today.
@mubashariqbal :)
Personally for me, the application is suitable