Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 26th, 2017

The Netflix for Apps 🖥
Happy (cyber) holidays! It's a fitting day to introduce our latest project, Product Hunt Deals. Every week we're introducing discounts off hand-picked products and services for makers.

Today's inaugural deal comes from Setapp. Described by The Next Web as the "Netflix for Mac apps" and upvoted by more than 1,000 people on Product Hunt, Setapp unlocks access to 100+ Mac apps for any task with a single $69.99 subscription for the entire year. Normally these apps would cost $2,850 if bought individually and includes:

🖌 Sip – Gorgeous color picker for designers
📸 Flume – Slick desktop app for Instagram
✏️ Ulysses – Writing app for pros with Medium integration
🖥 CleanMyMac – Frees up space on your Mac
🖼 Photolemur – AI-powered photo enhancer

To unlock this deal visit Product Hunt Deals. This offer expires in less than 7 days. 😊
Unlock the Deal
Last night a massive 240,000 concurrent live audience played the hottest new game show: HQ Trivia. The app, which was started by the founders of Vine, feels like the future of television.

If you haven't tried it yet, download the app and set a reminder to play for cash prizes at 12pm and 6pm PST. 💰💎✨
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