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November 19th, 2017

Microsoft-acquired Wunderlist NOT dead! ✅🎉
Re-Install Wunderlist ✅
In 2015 Microsoft went on a shopping, acquiring the best productivity apps and discarding the remains. RIP community favs:
• Sunrise
• Acompli
• Wunderlist (not dead)

We were prepared for Acompli's untimely demise. Mailbox suffered a similar fate and we had an excellent list of alternatives.

Sunrise shutting down was harder to take. A collection of well intended Sunrise alternatives was prepared, but it became clear that Sunrise would never be forgotten or replaced. 

Then there was Wunderlist. The cloud-based task management app was the pride of Berlin tech. It was beautifully designed and loved by its fans. In April, it was announced that Wunderlist would be shutting down in favor of Microsoft To-Do, a new app by the Wunderlist team. We were optimistic, but had a list of 68 Wunderlist Alternatives ready.

Today, six months later, and Wunderlist is still here, alive and well! We dug deep into the interwebs and found a response from a Wunderlist customer support representative:

"We don’t have a date for closing Wunderlist’s service yet, so you can continue to use it for now, even though we recommend everyone to also check out Microsoft To-Do." – Marcel, 9/11/2017


You are welcome to try one of the 68 Wunderlist alternatives, but we believe that Wunderlist is an internet treasure – an app too important to shut down or be deserted. And so, it's time to add to your to-do list the simple task of re-installing Wunderlist today.
A few weeks ago we announced Project X, a new app from the Product Hunt team for iOS and Android. Today, we're ready to reveal more details. Check out the full update from Chad who is leading the project, including the name, what it is, and a link to a prototype. 👀
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