Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 14th, 2017

Facebook's youngest employee launches tbh competitor 👀
At the age of 17, Michael Sayman created an app that saved his family’s home from bankruptcy. The year was 2014, and the story caught Mark Zuckerberg's attention. Michael was recruited to join Facebook and became the company's youngest employee ever.

Since then, Michael has left Facebook, joined Google, and today, he's launching a dangerous new social game reminiscent of the recently Facebook acquired app, tbh.

Introducing lies: a new trivia game designed to test how well you really know your friends. 👯

The app went live on the App Store today, get it here, and find out how well you and your friends really know each other. Beware: this game can end friendships (and it's a lot of fun). 😛
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BIG congrats to Forbes 30 under 30 Product Hunt community members Lucy GuoAlexandr Wang, co-founders of Scale, and Sophia DominguezBrent Chow, co-founders of SVRF! 👏