Luminar 2018

Make perfect photos in less time

Luminar is a universal all-in-one photo app designed to offer everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing. With adaptive workspaces that match styles of shooting and with over 100 presets, Luminar speeds up the photo editing workflow to deliver great results in less time.

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Hi Product Hunters! 😻 We are live with the 2nd version of Luminar - the photo editing/management powerhouse that we are building to offer you a real Adobe alternative. Luminar 2018 has an array of impressive tools to enhance your images, and next year we will add a Digital Asset Management module to it. The new Luminar runs on both Mac and Windows. It has a native Raw processor and dozens of non-destructive filters. It brings layers, workspaces, LUT support and many other fantastic tools that are essential for a modern photographer. We really need your support and feedback to make this product even better. Just like Tesla is disrupting the automotive industry, we are bringing cutting edge technologies to disrupt the photo editing world. I hope you'll have a great time with Luminar. Alex
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@alex_tsepko Congrats to the Skylum Team and Ivan on his new addition! What a great day to be a creative!

There are two main thins I like - the easiness to use and the advanced result. As I'm a beginner in photography the usability of the tool is very important to me, presets are also of the big help for a fast and easy to achieve result. And there are also layers - just awesome! I am changing the exact parts of a picture I want, without ruining the rest! Definitely recommend to try!


Super cool Sun Rays filter and... well all the other filters too)


Waiting for the promised digital asset tool

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Amazing software
If photography is your passion never use a preset, even made by you. A photograph is easy to take, the difficulty lays in creating them unique, interesting and intelligent and to accomplish it, the photographer becomes the composer, creating it on camera, and a chief conductor, while developing it and print it. It’s, like in music, where the unique view, style and interpretation of the photographer make a photograph something that shall transcend Instagram and social media, just as in a concert interpretation by a great orchestra lead by a great conductor transcend SoundCloud, YouTube and social media in general. You will never see canned effects or music in a real concert, nor in a real photograph.
Good job! Also perfect for not professional editors 🎉🍾 @
@martijn_verbove Thank you, Martijn!! What's your favorite thing about Luminar 2018?

Excited about the updates to come!


Adaptive UI, tons of controls, powerful RAW engine.


Catalogue module.

Love this app, sunrays are cool! really spectacular things can be made with it!


RAW support and opening, Sunrays!