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November 16th, 2017

Tesla launches Supercar and all-electric Semi ⚡️
At last night's Tesla Semi truck unveiling, Elon Musk had a surprise up his sleeve: a new version of the original sports car Tesla made in 2008.

The new Tesla Roadster is the fastest production car ever made. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds, has a top speed of over 250 mph, and a massive 620-mile battery range. Watch the video.

The star of the show was Tesla's electric truck. Tesla Semi gets 500 miles of range, has 4 motors, and enhanced autopilot as standard. With a drag coefficient of just 0.36, it is more aerodynamic than a $2.7M Bugatti Chiron. The truck's cockpit looks like the inside of a spaceship.

Tesla really overdelivered with the Semi, and turned the Roadster into a supercar that gives gasoline cars "a hardcore smackdown", as Elon Musk said. And yet... the #1 comment on the Tesla Semi page poses a question that remains to be answered. 🕳🤔
Tesla Semi ⚡️
Facebook just launched a new app for content creators! It lets you capture and share videos, talk with your fans, get insights, and more. Facebook has their eyes on the YouTube creator space. 👀
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